John Coltrane

The spiritual surrounds great musical talent. Pisces ascending (lavender) a Libra sun (light blue). Libra also conveys cultural sophistication, the desire for balance and a gift for interaction. From the heart is expansive spirit, courage, spontaneity and driving passion, Aries moon (red). There’s also an element of risk and danger. Unfortunately drug addiction sent him to an early grave. The desire for the God experience and a heightened spiritual alignment sometimes accompany distortion and addictive tendencies, Pisces.


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My regards to the family.
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Libra musicians

Yes, many great musicians are Libra: Gershwin, Sting, Springsteen, YoYo Ma,
Thelonious Monk, Lil Wayne, Stevie Ray Vaughn. There are many other Libras without a musical bend having Libra qualities of balance, harmony, diplomacy, cultural sophistication, intellectual abilities, elements of the air realm: Gandi, Serena Williams (earth asc. + moon) Oscar Wilde and a sky diver. All make sense


I love John Coltrane’s Colorscope. It is interesting that John Lennon and DJ Mirandom (two of your pervious posts) are also Libra. The sign certainly seems to follow musically minded people.