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Joan of Arc

Leo Rising conveys bold creative spirit and being in the spot light

Capricorn Sun indicates authority, leadership, structure

Libra Moon conveys high standards and cooperation

Gianni Versace

Scorpio ascendant indicates power, magnetism, sexiness and mystery

Sagittarius Sun conveys adventure, extraversion, expansion, benevolence

Pisces Moon conveys feminine intuition, sensitivity and great hunches.

Marie Curie

Capricorn Rising indicates meeting the world with substance and authority. Mastery over the physical.

Scorpio Sun conveys depth and transformation. An exploration of mysteries and ownership of authentic power are prevalent here.

Pisces Moon relays sensitivity and an intuitive nature.

Serena Williams

Taurus Rising conveys a physical relationship with the world. Earthbound and firmly grounded on the material plane.

Libra Sun indicates innate balance and a thoughtful approach. A desire for harmony and justice is strong.

Virgo Moon conveys precision, perfectionist tendencies, and perseverance.

Colonel Sanders

Capricorn ascendant indicates acquisition and authority, a natural position for business interests.

Virgo Sun conveys precision, diligence and, not surprisingly, an interest in food.

Cancer moon indicates sensitivity, intuition and providing nourishment.

David Packard shares the same Colorscope