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Scorpio rising conveys a natural intensity, meeting the world with power.

Gemini Sun indicates the gift of communication, quickness and versatility.

Pisces Moon contains a heightened sensitivity, other worldliness and the ability to break down barriers.

Mark Zuckerberg

Virgo rising indicates a pragmatic, hard working approach.

Taurus Sun conveys acquisition, making things tangible, concrete.

Scorpio Moon relays power, depth, turbulence and transformation.

J P Morgan

Aries Sun indicates leadership, innovation and a strong desire to succeed. A capable, driven frontrunner.

Aquarius Rising conveys an original view of the world, intellectual curiosity and a wide range of knowledge.

Usually there is an imposing or quirky appearance.

Virgo Moon likes details, thoroughness and acquisition.

Nina Simone

Aquarius Rising indicates an original, intelligent ability to communicate

Pisces Sun conveys a deep feeling nature, imagination and higher ground

Capricorn Moon relays inner authority, making things concrete, solid.

Oprah Winfrey

Aquarius Sun and Sagittarius Ascendant, Moon.

Optimism, benevolence, an expansive view and a great deal of energy cradle an intelligence that concerns itself with truth, integrity and communication.

A humanitarian nature is enhanced by a worldly vision.


Lewis Carroll shares the same Colorscope