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Lebron James

Gemini Rising indicates quickness, speed and communication.

Capricorn Sun conveys worldly authority, responsibility and physical superiority.

The qualities of leadership, structuring systems and working hard are attributed to this sign.

“Nothing is given. Everything is earned. You work for what you have.”

Aries Moon conveys a sense of urgency, drive, talent and ambition.

Walt Disney

Sagittarius Sun conveys a visionary, playful spirit. A sense of adventure is heightened; story telling is strong.

Virgo Rising indicates a sense of purpose with the ability to organize and structure detail through hard work.

Libra moon conveys a charming, diplomatic nature and sensitivity to the arts.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Virgo Rising indicates a methodical approach to the world. There is integrity, precision and a sense of duty.

Scorpio Sun conveys depth, determination, innate power and a sense of secrecy or holding one’s cards close to the chest.

Pisces Moon is aligned to sensitivity, finely tuned instincts, compassion and empathy for the downtrodden.

John Lennon

Radical intelligence, individualism and a humanitarian heart are conveyed by an Aquarius moon.

Libra sun indicates sensitivity to the culture, musical talent and an ability with words.

Aires rising conveys a courageous, bold approach to the world and a sense of danger.

Bernie Sanders

Virgo Sun conveys the ability to discern and analyze. Methodical, earth bound, detail oriented.

Aires Moon reveals urgency. An action oriented, combative persistence.

Scorpio Rising conveys an ability to generate power for the sake of transformation.