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L.L. Cool J

Prominence, earthy sensuality and a capable nature are qualities of Capricorn. Analyzing and structuring a view of society with an attention to detail is aligned to Virgo rising. Emotion being carried through a bold beat is represented by a Cancer moon.

Marie Duplessis, a French courtesan, has the same Colorscope

Lucky Luciano

Bucking the system (an Aquarian trait) this expansive personality acquired his nickname by avoiding arrest and surviving brutal attempts on his life. To be lucky is a key component of Sagittarius.

Jacque Chirac shares the same Colorscope

Caitlyn Jenner

The Sun and ascendant both in Scorpio reveal an unusually strong desire for transformation.

The ascendant conveys the ability to meet the world with power, ambition and determination.

Also, there is magnetism and the power to recover from hardship.

The Sun reveals an element of secrecy, being adept at hiding, resourcefulness and courage.

There is also endurance, a compulsive nature and the tendency to go to extremes.

The Moon in Aquarius indicates intelligence, originality, an eccentric center.

George Gershwin

Libra Sun is aligned to art, music, culture and having a cooperative nature.

Aquarian Moon represents intelligence, ideas and communication.

Sagittarius Rising contains an expansive, optimistic view. Often there is exuberance and enthusiasm.

Warren Buffett

Virgo Sun indicates integrity, the desire to be helpful, a critical, exacting nature, an eye for detail.

By contrast Sagittarius is aligned to a broad, expansive view, an optimistic nature, playfulness.

Sagittarius ascending sees the world in its best light. A Sagittarius moon loves truth seeking and adventure. The moon conjunct the ascendant in this sign contributes to a visionary personality.