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Pablo Picasso

With the sun in Scorpio I’d like to take a look at Picasso’s Colorscope.

Black (Scorpio) conveys power, sexiness, sophistication, intensity and depth. Transformation is an intrinsic quality to this personality. There is the ability and natural tendency to manipulate energy.

Orange (Sagittarius) at the center is expansive, spirited and visionary driving the personality toward exploration, a great adventure and an on going quest.

A rim of Yellow (Leo) indicates fame, recognition and creative environment. He met the world with pride, confidence and playfulness. An overbearing, pompous, egocentric element also revealed itself.

This bold combination of water and fire contains the intuitive immediacy of both the emotional realm and spirit.

Unifying and Healing the World Through Color

We begin with the focus on three important days ~moments in time~ starting with Earth Day in Taurus, looking backwards on New Years Day, the Capricorn earth energy for the year, and moving forward towards International Peace Day, in the earth sign of Virgo, indicating global cooperation and unity.

Earth Day
New York
0:00 am
April 22, 2009

The Sagittarian ascendant of optimism, visionary gifts and creative fire surround the earthy, sensual, steadfast qualities of the sun in Taurus. Taurus also represents what we love and value. At the heart and center lie the psychic sensitivity and compassion of a Pisces moon. -orange surrounding bright green and lavender.

New Years Day
New York
0:00 am
Jan. 1, 2009

The Libra energy of thoughtful cooperation and the desire for balance and harmony surround the sun in Capricorn indicating serious weight, authority and responsibility. At the heart and center lie psychic sensitivity and compassion with the moon in Pisces. -light blue surrounding brown and lavender.

International Peace Day
New York
0:00 am
Sept. 21, 2009

A silver rim, Cancer ascending, indicates an approach to the world through feeling and intuition that feeds the imagination and increases sensitivity. The sun in Virgo conveys diligence, precision, organizational skill and integrity. At the heart and center, with the moon in Libra, we have thoughtful cooperation with the desire for balance, harmony and being in relationship. -silver surrounding dark green and light blue.

My hope is that by giving weight and focus to these Colorscopes we increase and strengthen the healing process of the earth.


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