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One Interpretation

Michel de Nostradamus
French prophet

The prophet of doom and disaster. Nestled inside the seriousness and authority of brown lies a powerful black center of fear and negativity. This combination is surrounded by a dangerous fiery red.

Ram Dass
American Guru

Forsaking Harvard academia for the spiritual realm, an action oriented personality –red- is enhanced through a visionary heart –orange-and nurtured inside the feminine receptive elements of devotion –silver.

Georgio Armani
Italian fashion designer

The golden spotlight of fame surrounds elegance, simplicity and sophistication. Creative expression –yellow- structures and illuminates the feminine –silver.

Claude Debussy
French composer

Brilliant creative expression has timeless appeal. Feminine elements, the moon and the sea inspire creative achievement. One of his compositions is called La Mer, the sea. Another piece, Claire de Lune, moonlight seems to have been born from this luminescent center.

Henry Miller
American writer

Raw power and sexual exploration lie at the dark heart of his writing. A bold and passionate red surrounds the masculine sensuality of brown which reads as sophistication alongside the primitive. Authority meets superior ability.

Vincent Van Gogh
Dutch legendary artist

Huge creative drive meets imagination—red inside silver. Intuition and vision that come from the masculine fiery spirit of red and orange are enhanced by feminine intuition and feeling—silver. Van Gogh painted as if he recognized the vibrancy of all things.

Camilla Parker-Bowles
Prince Charles mistress

The glaring flash of the paparazzi exposed affairs of the heart. Under an unwanted limelight it seems she was better known as the irresistible “other woman” than the Prince’s wife she eventually became. He depended on her nurturing feminine qualities.

Frederic Auguste Baltholdi
French sculptor

Best known for creating the Statue of Liberty, His art evokes emotion as millions first viewed this beacon of hope rising up from the sea. It could be said that few sculptures have brought as much recognition or as strong an emotional reaction. Silver is connected to feeling and emotion. Yellow conveys creativity and recognition.