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One Interpretation

Wolfgang Mozart
Austrian composer

A visionary, adventurous heart of fire meets The mind of genius –dark blue and finds form, Productivity and ability for detail –dark green. This orange center also speaks of playful, childlike fun. He was known for a lack of seriousness and maturity.

Jackie Stewart
Racecar driver

An impulsive brave heart –red- drives this personality toward winning the prize. Well known for having a big extroverted personality, superior agility and a love of speed –all qualities of the color bright blue. Red at the center speaks of spirit, determination and desire. The surrounding light blue conveys a love of balance and beauty.

Fred Astaire
Dancer + actor

Quickness and agility and personable qualities belong to this bright blue center and are well married to the grace and athletic earth bound properties of green. The optimism and expansive energy of orange contribute to a very popular Personality.

Bob Dylan
American bard

One of the great lyricist of the 20th century, he changed a generation. Bright blue above all else denotes communication. This ability is enhanced with the visionary property of orange. The qualities of consistency, duration and prolific work belong to the solid foundation of a green earthbound center.

Charles Dickens
British writer

Epic adventure lies at the center of mental activity, as if all of his characters were bursting to get out to be put down upon the page. The dark blue of intelligence is surrounded by the dark green of manifestation through diligence and a huge amount of detail.

Jeffery Dahmer
American cannibal

This much energy demands to be extroverted Or things can go seriously wrong. Here bright blue denotes quick mental activity instead of physical speed and popularity. Compulsive desire and dangerous red at the center demand action. When pressured to explain himself he said, “it was my only form of happiness.”

Shirley Temple
Child actor and dancer

Quickness in the form of extremely advanced verbal skill and real physical agility lie at the heart of a consistent hard working nature. The enthusiasm and expansive energy of orange contribute to a very popular personality.

Joe Namath
Football star

Superior athletic ability –green – is combined with quickness and an expressive personality. -bright blue. Brashly optimistic, “Broadway Joe” guaranteed victory and delivered. That element of good luck and optimism belong to orange.