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One Interpretation

Maya Angelou
American poet

The refinement of thought and love of beautiful words lie at the center of firey spirit. Recognition and the ability to mythologize experience are prevalent through the combination of red and yellow. Aside from refinement and beauty, light blue also seeks a just and balanced world.

Bobby Fischer
Chess champion

Sometimes genius emerges from a higher source. The mystical intuitive sensitivity of lavender appears in the same position as Einstein. Some describe chess playing and mathematics as music. Here the green center conveys perfection of form, endurance and consistency. Yellow suggests imagination fame and creativity.

David Packard
Hewlett Packard industrialist

The earthy combination of brown and dark green convey an ability to implement systems and achieve real success. Responsible, diligent and very capable, he implemented a new work mode where employees benefited. Silver conveys nurture, care and sensitivity.

Walt Disney
Cartoon entrepreneur

A visionary playful spirit –orange- is surrounded by a sense of purpose and the ability to organize and structure detail through hard work. –dark green. The light blue center conveys a charming diplomatic nature and a sensitivity to the arts.

Ben Moses Maimon
Spanish philosopher

The refinement of thought and understanding sophisticated systems lie at the center of firey spirit. The thinking mode of light blue is enhanced by the knowing intuition which comes from a masculine fire source, -red and yellow.

Edgar Cayce
American prophet

The spiritual, mystical properties of lavender are expressed here. Green gives form to the ethereal. The surrounding yellow suggests recognition, fame and the intuitive qualities of spirit and fire

Harlan Sanders
Chicken entrepreneur

Nurture through food is best seen in the combination of silver and dark green. The earth working to produce something of value best expresses the quality of dark green. When it’s surrounded by the authority and achievement of brown, here a restaurateur becomes a hugely successful fast food tycoon.

Charles I King of Scotland
Patron of the arts

Known for inflexibility over religious views is conveyed through the conservative, persistent nature of dark green surrounding orange, the color of philosophy, belief systems and spirit. Light blue at the center reflects social refinement and a sensitivity to the arts.