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One Interpretation

Kurt Cobain
Lead singer of “Nirvana”

Escapism and addiction are the negative sides of lavender. Dark green surrounding lavender and silver suggests giving form to deep emotions and the engagement of repetitive activity.

Jim Baker
Corrupt evangelist

Spiritual rhetoric doesn’t ultimately mask a business and acquisition agenda. -lavender surrounding brown. Light blue indicates oratory skill and justification.

Johnny Cash
Country western singer

This musician put his heart into his music. His feelings ran deep and sometimes dark. His addictive nature and devotion to his wife are seen through the triple water feeling element.

Deepak Chopra
Inspirational leader

A gentle, diplomatic nature with a gift for words relays a spiritual view. Light blue surrounded by lavender. Dark green at the center conveys healing, helpfulness, form and duration.

Aveline Kushi
Macrobiotic entrepreneur

Dark green is aligned to food, health and healing. This rim of color surrounds spiritual awareness. –lavender. A silver center is aligned to maternal care and nurturing.

Jacques Anquetil
French cyclist

The ability to dream surrounds physical strength and discipline. -lavender surrounding brown. Light blue conveys a light, gentle quality and innate balance.

Giuseppe Patroni-Griffi
Italian scriptwriter

Heightened sensitivity, depth and imagination are conveyed through black at the center of double lavender.

Auguste Lumiere
French cinematography pioneer

The realm of ideas is centered with persistence and hard work. -dark green inside light blue. A sensitive, intuitive view contributed to his success. –lavender.