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One Interpretation

Stephen Spielberg
Film director

Great power at the center of vision –black inside orange- and transforming the everyday into epic story. An imaginative view of the world is conveyed through the surrounding silver.

Hazrat Inayat Khan
Sufi master

Mystical gifts are heightened by a sensitive nature and creative expression. lavender surrounded by silver and red. He was a great musician and poet. Bringing spiritual knowledge to the West could be viewed through the bold and determined, action oriented nature of red. Pure spirit surrounds intuition.

Malcolm X
American activist

Spirit inside a strong value system can be seen with red inside green. Having substance and authority –brown- he met the world with a serious and capable perspective. Boldly determined, brave and courageous, he made civil rights more important than himself and took action on what he believed. -Red at the heart.

Napoleon Bonaparte
French emperor

The desire for acquisition and power -brown and black- meet the desire for recognition. –yellow. Natural ability and authority are nestled inside pure confidence –brown inside yellow. An inflated view of himself helped to power his way through Europe. –yellow inside black.

Dave Brubeck
Jazz pianist

Sophistication and cool –black- lie at the heart of his music which gained popularity and carried its own large recognizable personality –orange. Sensitivity and emotion –surrounding silver- enveloped his sound.

Constance Clear
American UFO abductee

The sensitivity of lavender inside silver are surrounded by a dangerous red. The feeling of experiencing something so large, sudden and invasive is well represented by the surrounding red.

Nicholas II Russian Czar
Last of the Romanovs

Having the substance and authority of Russian rule and acquisition –brown- he was executed during the revolution. Materialism and sensual pleasure come to a dramatic and violent close. –red at the center of green and brown.

Ferruccio Tagliavini
Italian tenor

Authority lies at the center of confidence. –brown inside yellow. The sense of control + self containment is seen with yellow inside black.