One Interpretation

Padre Pio
Stigmatic saint 1887

Italian priest communicated the mystery of the stigmata. -black surrounding bright blue. His sensitive nature and being willing to suffer for God’s love, martyrdom, is conveyed through a silver center. He felt he was surrounded by dark forces –black.

Caroline Myss
Intuitive healer 1952

The ability to understand people and the world in large, mythic, archetypal terms is conveyed through orange. Bright blue at the center conveys quickness of thought, communication and altering one’s perception which leads to altering cellular behavior.

Fyodor Dostoevsky
Russian novelist 1821

He exploring the darker, deeper aspects of the human experience –black- by detailing the thought process –bright blue- with an expansive, philosophical view -orange.

Anton Chekov
Russian writer 1860

Deep intelligence meets an economy of words –dark blue. With fire in the belly -red center- he explored the stream of consciousness –dark blue- and understood the cultural environment –light blue.

Cedric Pioline
Tennis player 1969

Speed and agility –bright blue- are surrounded by the desire to power an opponent –black. The silver center contributes to quickness through sensitivity, intuition and reading the moment correctly.

Dorothy Kerin
British spiritualist 1890

A coma invalid instantaneously healed by an angelic vision. Communication –bright blue- came from the center of what she experienced and believed to be the God force –orange. She felt compelled to communicate that love through putting together a ministry.

Helmut Newton
German fashion photographer 1920

He captured a very sophisticated, decadent mode –black- with the eye of a superior technician and visionary artist –orange. The desire to communicate –bright blue- meets the desire for power through proximity to the sexually provocative.

Jeanne Brabants
Belgian ballet dancer 1920

Passion and creative drive are at the center of an intelligent, cooperative nature -red inside dark blue. The world is viewed through the sophisticated music culture –light blue.