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One Interpretation

Finbarry Nolan
Irish healer

The seventh son of a seventh son. Psychic ability –lavender- is enhanced by people skills and the desire for balance and harmony -light blue. Nurture and care are conveyed through silver. Intuitive gifts meet thought and communication.

Kenneth Grahame
Wind in the Willows writer

Giving woodland creatures –green- the gift of large and busy personalities -bright blue- through a gentle, heightened sensitivity –lavender. He tucked inside the tender place of make believe and communicated that fantasy to the world. -lavender surrounded by bright blue.

Joyce Carol Oates
American writer

Mastering the craft of words and writing –brown inside the blues. A serious and disciplined nature –brown- gives form to the realm of ideas making for an extremely prolific nature. Surrounding dark blue indicates a very intelligent and original view of the world.

Edwin Herbert Land
American inventor

The inventor of the Polaroid camera. He utilized original thought -dark blue- with vision and optimism –orange- and brought that new idea to form which made a lot of money. –bright green.

Archibald Duncan
Scottish professor of history + literature

A love and understanding of culture –light blue- is enhanced through sensitivity and intuition -lavender and silver.

Alan H. Guth
MIT professor of physics

Understanding the origin of the earth –green- with heightened sensitivity and higher intelligence -lavender. Possessing communication skills –bright blue- which he applied to the class room and writing.

Helene Renaux
French thief

The desire for material goods –brown- prompts a busy mind –the blues. She organized many burglaries. Intelligence is put to use to satisfy the love of acquisition. Surrounding dark blue indicates a detached point of view and rebelling from the statis quo.

Indian spiritual leader

His philosophy and belief system –orange- held that the individual’s own alignment to God surpasses tradition and dogma –dark blue. Putting this universal truth into form is conveyed through dark blue surrounding green. Superior intelligence and vision make a tangible impact.