One Interpretation

Christian Dior
French designer 1905

Feminine mystic inspires originality and brilliance. -black meets blue. Sophisticated allure is a strong component of black. Intuition at the center of intelligence and power is a winning combination. –silver inside dark blue and black.

L.L. Cool J
American rapper 1968

Aside from being extremely physical, -dark green surrounding brown- he analyses and structures a view of society with an attention to detail. Emotion is carried through a bold beat. -silver at the center.

Karl Marx
German philosopher 1818

His philosophy or world view of removing class structure with the ideal of every man being on equal ground –dark blue surrounding green- was the central theme of his communist manifesto. He applied a very strong value system to the tangible restructuring of how we life on the earth. -double green.

Jimmy Hoffa
Union leader 1913

Bucking the system with rebellious determination to improve the life of the every day worker is conveyed through double dark blue. Superior intelligence and leadership qualities –dark blue- meet a hell bent determination to implement his value system –green.

William Backhouse
British alchemist 1592

Black surrounding dark blue conveys the search for transformation through superior intelligence and the quest for universal truth. Intuition at the center of intelligence and power. Silver inside dark blue also reads as being sensitive to energy fields. The recognition of power comes through blue meeting black.

Marie Duplessis
French courtesan 1824

Earthy sensuality and desirability is seen through brown and dark green. Sophisticated sensuality –brown- is enhanced with feminine wiles and intuition. -silver.

Rollo May
Psychologist and inspirational writer 1909

Putting thought around the nature of love can be seen through dark blue surrounding double green. The wants of the sun meet the needs of the moon and are brought to tangible form.

Germaine Greer
Feminist 1939

She promoted a radical new idea –dark blue- of feminine beauty and essence –green- with far sighted intelligence and leadership qualities. –dark blue.