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Ed Gein

Gemini Rising indicates busyness, a juggler of activities

Virgo Sun conveys a systematic, precise, problem solving nature

Sagittarius Moon indicates restlessness, someone looking for the next crazy escapade

Roger Federer

Virgo rising indicates hard work, coordination, consistency

Leo Sun conveys being in the spotlight, well liked, having talent, ambition

Scorpio Moon conveys depth of feeing, invisible under currents, determination

Malala Yousafzai

Leo Rising indicates recognition, confidence, shining in the spotlight

Cancer Sun conveys intuitive abilities, sensitivity to surroundings

Libra Moon indicates cooperation, a desire for balance, justice, harmony

Walt Whitman

Aries Rising indicates passion, taking action, ambition

Gemini Sun conveys communication, information, quickness and versatility

Leo Moon indicates a warm heart, pride, theatrics, creativity.

Queen Elizabeth

Capricorn Rising indicates responsibility, authority and capability

Taurus Sun conveys a steady, earth bound nature, possession, tenacity

Leo Moon indicates generosity, fun, drama, tastefulness


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