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Michael Jordan

Cancer Ascending indicates reading one’s environment with fine tuned intuition

Aquarius Sun conveys being ahead of the crowd, an innovator, a stand out individual

Sagittarius Moon indicates being gifted, lucky, optimistic, adventurous

Betty White

Leo ascendant conveys confidence, popularity and shining in the limelight

Capricorn indicates reliability, resourcefulness, durability

Virgo Moon conveys good manners, helpfulness and an analytical approach

Todd Beamer

Aquarius rising indicates a quirky, original, humanitarian manner, Quick Thinking for everybody

Sagittarius sun conveys being good at adventure, using a naturally positive approach. Fearless optimist

Aquarius moon thinks about his feelings and, when necessary, takes on a hero face


Leo Rising loves the spotlight. Confidence, showmanship, recognition.

Scorpio Sun indicates a powerful presence and depth

Cancer moon is comfortable in an emotional field. Sensitivity, moodiness.


Leo Rising indicates shining in the limelight, generosity

Libra Sun conveys cultural sensitivity, musical talent, gift for words

Libra Moon indicates charm, social ability, diplomacy


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