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Hetty Green - the Witch of Wall Street

Cancer Rising indicates an ability to read the environment

Scorpio Sun conveys a love of power and control, ruthlessness, determination

Leo Moon indicates self interest, a domineering nature, pride

Snoop Dogg

Taurus Rising indicates prosperity and comfort seeking

Libra Sun conveys balance, communication and popularity

Scorpio Moon conveys power and mystery and hidden depths

Mother Teresa

Sagittarius Rising indicates optimism, adventure and humor

Virgo sun conveys helpfulness, integrity and hard work

Taurus Moon is steadfast, determined, earth bound


Scorpio Rising coneys engaging in the world with power, personal magnetism

Leo Sun indicates extraverted expression, confidence, drama

Capricorn Moon conveys a serious nature, responsibility and a dogmatic approach

Alex Trebec

Virgo rising indicates an exacting nature, a collector of data, details, liking the order of things, the tangible, concrete world

Cancer sun conveys a sensitive nature, intuition, nurture and sympathy

Pisces Moon indicates a pure hearted being. One operating on a higher octave


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