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Dr. Dre

Gemini rising indicates versatility, quickness, popularity

Aquarius sun conveys originality, intelligence, ground breaking

Libra moon indicates balance, artistic talent, charisma, gentleness

Lebron James

Gemini ascendent indicates quickness, versatility and popularity

Capricorn sun conveys leadership, a strong physical presence, substance

Aries moon indicates impulsiveness, natural ability, instinctual

Pablo Escobar

Pisces Ascendant indicates an intuitive read on ones environment

Sagittarius Sun conveys being larger than life, magnetic, reckless, lucky

Aries Moon indicates leadership, impulsiveness, action oriented

Kelly Osbourne

Gemini Rising indicates communication skills, curiosity about the world, popularity

Scorpio Sun conveys power, hidden depth and the ability to transform

Sagittarius Moon conveys fun, restlessness and idealism


Sagittarius rising indicates an adventurous, optimistic outlook

Libra Sun conveys musical and lyrical talent

Aquarius Moon indicates intelligence and detachment


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