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Nelson Mandela

Sagittarius Rising indicates an optimistic, positive view.

Cancer Sun conveys sensitivity, great instincts, the desire to nurture

Scorpio Moon runs deep and dark; a gift for transformation.

Rafael Nadal

Scorpio rising indicates magnetism, drive

Gemini Sun conveys speediness, versatility, an outgoing nature

Taurus Moon indicates physicality, durability and stubbornness

Florence Nightingale

Virgo rising indicates healing abilities, purposeful and thoughtful action

Taurus Sun conveys a strong value system, well grounded, endurance

Taurus Moon conveys a reliable, maternal, unwavering nature

Jackie Chan

Gemini rising coveys quickness, speed, communication

Aries sun indicates leadership, aggressive action, taking charge

Gemini moon conveys quickness, changing ones mind, busyness

Ralph Nader

Aquarius Rising indicates an intelligence often ahead of it’s time. Humanitarian interests.

Pisces Sun conveys being tuned into universal consciousness. Sensitivity.

Leo Moon indicates expressiveness, warm heartedness, generosity


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