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John Lennon

Radical intelligence, individualism and a humanitarian heart are conveyed by an Aquarius moon.

Libra sun indicates sensitivity to the culture, musical talent and an ability with words.

Aires rising conveys a courageous, bold approach to the world and a sense of danger.

Bernie Sanders

Virgo Sun conveys the ability to discern and analyze. Methodical, earth bound, detail oriented.

Aires Moon reveals urgency. An action oriented, combative persistence.

Scorpio Rising conveys an ability to generate power for the sake of transformation.

Tom Brady

The desire for balance and harmony, a charismatic, diplomatic quality are characteristics of Libra rising.

Natural confidence, pride and shinning under the spotlight are elements of a Leo sun.

Drive, ambition, immediacy, ability and being action oriented are characteristics of an Aires moon.

Gisele Bundchen

Power lies inside great physical beauty. (Scorpio moon, Capricorn rising)

Superior physical ability often coincides with a Capricorn ascendant as well.

Cancer sun indicates an intuitive, fluid nature. Feminine allure is conveyed
through the Scorpio Cancer combination.

Donald Trump

Gemini sun (bright blue) indicates a skid on the surface. Having one's hand in a lot of things on a superficial level. Changeable, unpredictable, volatile. The gift of gab.

Leo rising (yellow) indicates a love of being under the spotlight.

Sagittarius moon (orange) conveys a tendency to exaggerate and the attachment to a larger than life, mythic persona.


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