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James Gandolfini

Scorpio Rising indicates charisma, power and intensity.

Virgo Sun conveys the ability to hone a craft with a down to earth, hard working approach.

Capricorn moon is aligned to authority, discipline, efficiency and strong will.

Robert Redford

Pisces Rising indicates a heightened sensitivity to the world.

Leo Sun conveys an easy time in the spotlight. Pride, recognition creative activity.

Virgo Moon implies the desire to be of service. Hard work and perseverance.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Aries rising indicates initiating action.

Cancer Sun conveys a sensitive, intuitive nature.

Pisces Moon is aligned to spiritual gifts and a sympathetic nature.

This Sufi master was a fine musician and poet who brought mystical knowledge to the west.


Scorpio rising conveys a natural intensity, meeting the world with power.

Gemini Sun indicates the gift of communication, quickness and versatility.

Pisces Moon contains a heightened sensitivity, other worldliness and the ability to break down barriers.

Mark Zuckerberg

Virgo rising indicates a pragmatic, hard working approach.

Taurus Sun conveys acquisition, making things tangible, concrete.

Scorpio Moon relays power, depth, turbulence and transformation.


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