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The Rock

Libra rising indicates social skills, harmony and balance.

Taurus sun conveys the physical plane, coordination, acquisition, the material world.

Capricorn moon relays responsibility, acquisition, business acumen, the physical plane.

Howard Cosell

Leo Rising indicates loving the spotlight. Arrogance, confidence, enthusiasm.

Aries Sun conveys leadership, arrogance, confidence, impulsiveness and energy

Gemini Moon is aligned to communication, quickness and embellishment

Sydney Poitier

Libra ascending indicates cultural refinement, social engagement, a gentle, diplomatic approach.

Pisces sun conveys sensitivity, an intuitive nature and higher consciousness.

Libra moon is aligned to artistic tendencies, a thoughtful nature, an inner quiet.

Gertrude Stein

Sun in Aquarius lends itself to original thought systems, eccentricity, and breaking from the norm.

Pisces ascendant indicates strong feminine influence, intuition with one’s surroundings.

Virgo moon conveys diligence, attention to detail, organizational skill and needing to be helpful.

Stephen Hawking

Libra Rising indicates a knack for relationship and desire for balance

Capricorn Sun conveys ability, leadership, authority and seriousness of purpose

Virgo Moon relays an attention to detail and seeks purification. Physical reality takes hold


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