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Ice Cube

Libra Rising indicates someone with a sense of justice, balance, being knowledgeable.

Gemini Sun conveys communication skills, quickness and versatility.

Cancer Moon indicates intuition, sensitivity, a need to nurture and protect

Frederick Law Olmstead

Leo Rising indicates recognition, creativity and doing everything up big

Taurus Sun conveys the love of beauty and nature, being very earth bound.

Cancer Moon indicates sensitivity, great instinct, a reverence for the feminine.

Hans Christian Andersen

Sagittarius Rising indicates imagination, spirit, story telling

Aries Sun conveys ambition, restlessness and creative talent

Taurus Moon indicates stubbornness, persistence, a desire to nurture

Edgar Cayce

Pisces Sun conveys a spiritual or mystical nature

Taurus Moon in this instance gives form to the ethereal

Leo Rising indicates the presentation of big spirit and getting recognition

Michael Jordan

Cancer Ascending indicates reading one’s environment with fine tuned intuition

Aquarius Sun conveys being ahead of the crowd, an innovator, a stand out individual

Sagittarius Moon indicates being gifted, lucky, optimistic, adventurous


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