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Diane Keaton

Scorpio Rising indicates depth, power and transformation

Capricorn Sun conveys substance, responsibility and longevity

Aquarius Moon conveys originality, intelligence, and a natural quirkiness

Larry Flynt

Gemini rising indicates communication skills and busyness

Scorpio Sun conveys power, sex, determination and depth

Leo Moon indicates being comfortable in the spot light, big heart

John Lennon

Aries rising indicates meeting the world with boldness, leadership and creative impulse.
Sometimes danger and unpredictable accidents are prevalent.

Libra Sun conveys a natural alignment to relationship, communication skills and musical ability.

Aquarian Moon indicates humanitarian interests, authentic cool, deep intelligence


Libra Rising indicates an interest in balance, relationship and communication skills

Virgo Sun conveys physical presence, diligence, discipline and a gift for detail.

Scorpio Moon indicates passion, power and deep emotion

J K Rowling

Aquarius Rising indicates originality, quirkiness, rooting for the underdog

Leo Sun conveys being in the limelight, pride, boldness, creativity

Virgo Moon conveys hard work, diligence, persistence


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