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Sally Ride

Cancer Rising indicates a sensitivity to one’s environment, intuition

Gemini Sun conveys natural ability, speed, versatility, popularity

Aquarius Sun indicates intelligence, individuality, objective mindset

Edwin Land

Aquarius Rising indicates innovation, originality, brilliance

Taurus Sun conveys the material realm, making a vision manifest, money and acquisition

Sagittarius Moon relays optimism, a visionary sense, adventure

Jackie Chan

Gemini Rising indicates quickness, popularity and versatility

Aries Sun conveys leadership, talent, impulsiveness, boldness

Gemini Moon indicates adaptability and self confidence

Rashida Jones

Capricorn rising indicates a strong physical presence. Someone to be noticed.

Pisces Sun conveys a sensitive nature. Gifts of intuition and depth are prevalent.

Capricorn Moon conveys a sense of responsibility, strong work ethic, capability.

Dr. Dre

Gemini rising indicates versatility, quickness, popularity

Aquarius sun conveys originality, intelligence, ground breaking

Libra moon indicates balance, artistic talent, charisma, gentleness


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