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Joe Biden

Sagittarius rising conveys an adventurous, optimistic and truthful outlook

Scorpio sun indicates ambition, power, determination, intolerance

Taurus moon conveys a down to earth, steady, goal oriented, persistent nature.

Jimmy Carter

Libra rising indicates outward gentleness, the desire for a balanced environment, a refined view

Libra Sun conveys diplomacy, a gentle demeanor, refinement, balance

Scorpio Moon indicates sensitivity, power and the desire to transform

Barry White

Capricorn rising conveys authority

Virgo Sun conveys consistency

Cancer Moon indicates heightened feelings

Amelia Earhart

Taurus rising indicates steadiness, stubbornness and awareness of the physical plane

Leo Sun conveys confidence, ambition and loving attention

Gemini Moon indicates lots of activity, a busy mind and the need for stimulation

Nelson Mandela

Sagittarius Rising indicates an optimistic, positive view.

Cancer Sun conveys sensitivity, great instincts, the desire to nurture

Scorpio Moon runs deep and dark; a gift for transformation.


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