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Lionel Messi

Gemini Rising indicates quickness, versatility and popularity.

Cancer Sun conveys intuition, sensitivity and good instincts.

Gemini Moon indicates quickness, an active mind, a gregarious center.

Miles Davis

Gemini Rising indicates curiosity and cleverness. Cool, detached and lacking warmth. Expressive, and very quick. An intellectual demeanor.

Gemini Sun conveys communication, a deep desire to exchange ideas. Whether physically or mentally there is real speed and quickness. Versatility.

Scorpio Moon conveys depth, mystery, obstinance, passion, power.

The Rock

Libra rising indicates social skills, harmony and balance.

Taurus sun conveys the physical plane, coordination, acquisition, the material world.

Capricorn moon relays responsibility, acquisition, business acumen, the physical plane.

Howard Cosell

Leo Rising indicates loving the spotlight. Arrogance, confidence, enthusiasm.

Aries Sun conveys leadership, arrogance, confidence, impulsiveness and energy

Gemini Moon is aligned to communication, quickness and embellishment

Sydney Poitier

Libra ascending indicates cultural refinement, social engagement, a gentle, diplomatic approach.

Pisces sun conveys sensitivity, an intuitive nature and higher consciousness.

Libra moon is aligned to artistic tendencies, a thoughtful nature, an inner quiet.


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