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Rachael Maddow

Cancer Rising indicates a sensitivity to the environment; being tuned in to what’s going on.

Aries Sun conveys leadership, big energy, talent and confidence

Pisces Moon conveys a compassionate, sympathetic nature

Erykah Badu

Sagittarius rising conveys a great sense of possibility, living out a large persona.

Double Pisces intensifies an artistic creative impulse and great intuition. Living from the inside out. Being a dreamer.

Michelangelo shares the same Colorscope

Alicia Keys

Sagittarius Rising indicates optimism and generosity. The world is wide open to adventure..

Aquarius Sun conveys originality, intelligence and the desire to live an authentic, truthful life.

Libra Moon conveys gentleness, music or artistic talent, the need for harmony, compatibility.

Joan of Arc

Leo Rising conveys bold creative spirit and being in the spot light

Capricorn Sun indicates authority, leadership, structure

Libra Moon conveys high standards and cooperation

Gianni Versace

Scorpio ascendant indicates power, magnetism, sexiness and mystery

Sagittarius Sun conveys adventure, extraversion, expansion, benevolence

Pisces Moon conveys feminine intuition, sensitivity and great hunches.


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