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Quincy Jones

Libra rising indicates cooperation, social skills, refinement

Pisces Sun conveys compassion, higher calling, fluidity

Scorpio Moon indicates intensity, emotional drama and intuition

Jackson Pollock

Taurus Rising indicates a stubborn, willful nature and a desire for success

Aquarius Sun coneys originality, authenticity, eccentricity and deep intelligence

Taurus moon indicates persistence, sensuality and physicality

Tiger Woods

Virgo Rising indicates physical hard work, persistence, methodical approach

Capricorn Sun conveys a serious, disciplined nature, leadership

Sagittarius Moon reveals a sense of mythic identity, good luck and fun

Crazy Horse

Gemini Rising indicates quickness and versatility

Sagittarius Sun conveys a brave and adventurous nature, visionary abilities

Capricorn Moon is aligned to responsibility and seriousness of purpose

Joe Biden

Sagittarius rising conveys an adventurous, optimistic and truthful outlook

Scorpio sun indicates ambition, power, determination, intolerance

Taurus moon conveys a down to earth, steady, goal oriented, persistent nature.


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