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Kelly Osbourne

Gemini Rising indicates communication skills, curiosity about the world, popularity

Scorpio Sun conveys power, hidden depth and the ability to transform

Sagittarius Moon conveys fun, restlessness and idealism


Sagittarius rising indicates an adventurous, optimistic outlook

Libra Sun conveys musical and lyrical talent

Aquarius Moon indicates intelligence and detachment

Kobe Bryant

Capricorn Rising indicates seriousness of purpose, physical presence

Virgo Sun coveys, precision, work ethic, diligence

Taurus Moon indicates a determined, methodical nature, athleticism, stubbornness

Triple earth configuration conveys superior physical ability and an earthbound nature

Barak Obama

Aquarius Rising indicates a humanitarian approach to the world with a desire for truth and justice.

Leo Sun conveys warmth and generosity. A lot of pride. Ease in the spotlight.

Gemini Moon is quick, communication skills, adaptable

Anthony Bourdain

Leo Rising indicates being in the spotlight, popularity and confidence

Cancer Sun conveys heightened senses, intuition, comfort

Capricorn Moon indicates authority, leadership, goal oriented


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