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Use your Colorscope to rid yourself of weak or negative qualities. Imagine giving over the negative elements within a certain color, letting that color contain or absorb the negative element. In so doing you are engaging in a purification exercise.

Click pieces below to color the Scope.

RED:impatient, aggressive, head-strong, selfish
BRIGHT GREEN:stubborn, envious, inactive, greedy
BRIGHT BLUE:superficial, restless, inconsistent, tense
SILVER:moody, cautious, unformed, clingy
YELLOW:overbearing, pompous, attention-getting, tiring
DARK GREEN:tedious, cautious. repetitive, fussy
LIGHT BLUE:indecisive, weak, capricious, changeable
BLACK:inflexible, somber, resentful, obsessive
ORANGE:blindly optimistic, careless, tactless, restless
BROWN:dull, cautious, reserved, pessimistic
DARK BLUE:aloof, detached, intractable, unpredictable
LAVENDER:delicate, escapist, overly sensitive, vague