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Walt Whitman

Aries Rising indicates passion, taking action, ambition

Gemini Sun conveys communication, information, quickness and versatility

Leo Moon indicates a warm heart, pride, theatrics, creativity.

Queen Elizabeth

Capricorn Rising indicates responsibility, authority and capability

Taurus Sun conveys a steady, earth bound nature, possession, tenacity

Leo Moon indicates generosity, fun, drama, tastefulness

Eddie Murphy

Leo ascendant loves the limelight, attracts attention

Aries Sun conveys bold confidence, creative talent, leadership

Scorpio Moon indicates ambition, seduction, intensity

Quincy Jones

Libra rising indicates cooperation, social skills, refinement

Pisces Sun conveys compassion, higher calling, fluidity

Scorpio Moon indicates intensity, emotional drama and intuition

Jackson Pollock

Taurus Rising indicates a stubborn, willful nature and a desire for success

Aquarius Sun coneys originality, authenticity, eccentricity and deep intelligence

Taurus moon indicates persistence, sensuality and physicality


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