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Nelson Mandela

Sagittarius Rising indicates an optimistic, positive view.

Cancer Sun conveys sensitivity, great instincts, the desire to nurture

Scorpio Moon runs deep and dark; a gift for transformation.

Joan Rivers

Aries rising indicates a brave and bold approach to the world.

Gemini sun conveys quickness, versatility, verbal acumen

Sagittarius moon indicates humor, optimism, expansion

David Beckham

Taurus Rising conveys being bound to the physical world.

Taurus Sun indicates physical ability, a natural relationship to value systems, material interests

Capricorn Moon conveys responsibility, leadership, cooperation, coordination

Rachael Maddow

Cancer Rising indicates a sensitivity to the environment; being tuned in to what’s going on.

Aries Sun conveys leadership, big energy, talent and confidence

Pisces Moon conveys a compassionate, sympathetic nature

Erykah Badu

Sagittarius rising conveys a great sense of possibility, living out a large persona.

Double Pisces intensifies an artistic creative impulse and great intuition. Living from the inside out. Being a dreamer.

Michelangelo shares the same Colorscope


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