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The Sun and Moon in Pisces intensify a sensitive nature and higher calling.

The expression of beauty relies heavily on intuitive gift and divine guidance.

Sagittarius rising indicates an expansive view, and the fluctuation from euphoria to despair.

Virginia Woolf

Communication skills are highlighted through Gemini rising. Deep intelligence, originality and quirkiness are characteristic of Aquarius. Urgency and ambition accompany an Aries Moon.

Janis Joplin

Rebellion, originality, communication and intelligence surround an earthy authority.

Aquarius rising, Capricorn sun. This combination also indicates natural leadership.

Cancer moon heightens the feeling, emotional realm.

3 Sagittarian Storytellers

Stephen Spielberg

Woody Allen

Mark Twain

Humor, exaggeration, adventure and being lucky are key characteristics of Sagittarius (orange). Black indicates power and strong intuition.

Silver conveys sensitivity and intuitive gifts. Dark green is aligned to working detail and repetition. Dark Blue conveys quirky individualism, originality and group leadership. Red conveys ambition, courage, raw energy and competitive drive.

Auguste Rodin

Scorpio sun (black) contains the quality of transformation. Capricorn rising (brown) is aligned to molding structure, bringing form. Gemini (bright blue) indicates quickness of thought and a changeable nature.


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