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Truman Capote

Libra conveys sophisticated social skills (charm and wit). Along with an affinity for beauty.

Scorpio moon indicates power, mystery, manipulation and determination.

Aquarius rising is aligned to an eccentric presence, and original view of the world. The blue combination suggests a lot of mental activity and a gift for words.

Alain Ducasse

This celebrated chef has the sun in Virgo (dark green). One characteristic is an alignment to food; another is precision and a methodical approach, perfectionism.

A Capricorn moon (brown) indicates authority, business acumen and sensuality.

Sagittarius ascending (orange) conveys optimism, adventure and being able to see the big picture.

Mick Jagger

Gemini Ascendent indicates quickness and communication skills. Leo Sun conveys confidence, creativity and showmanship; an authoritative nature. Taurus Moon indicates staying power, physical ability and stubbornness.

George Bernard Shaw shares the same Colorscope.

Georgio Armani

The golden spotlight of fame and confidence illuminates intuitive feminine expression. (Leo rising surrounding Cancer sun, Cancer moon). When the Sun and the Moon are in the same sphere the wants of the personality are one and the same with the needs of the heart. In Cancer, the qualities of emotion, intuition, sensitivity, moodiness and nurture are intensified.

Angelina Jolie & John Nash

Angelina Jolie

Ambition and assertion lie at the center of a talented, busy, versatile personality. An Aries moon with a Gemini sun. Here Cancer rising indicates maternal sensitivity, the need to mother the world.

John Nash

Schizophrenic math genius. Ambition and strong mental activity are qualities of an Aries moon and Gemini sun. Driven intelligence (obsession) is surrounded by volatility. Here oversensitivity to ones environment is a characteristic of Cancer rising.


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