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Bob Dylan and Joe Namath

Bob Dylan

One of the great lyricist of the 20th century, he changed a generation. Gemini (bright blue) above all denotes communication. This ability is enhanced with the visionary property of Sagittarius (orange). The qualities of consistency, duration and prolific work belong to the solid foundation of Taurus (bright green).

Joe Namath

Superior athletic ability, Taurus (green), is combined with quickness and an expressive personality, Gemini (bright blue). Brashly optimistic, “Broadway Joe” guaranteed victory and delivered. That element of good luck and optimism belong to Sagittarius (orange).

Malcolm X and Nicholas II

Malcolm X

Spirit, courage and drive lie at the heart of a strong value system and determination. Red (Aries Moon) inside Green (Taurus Sun). Having substance and authority, he met the world with a serious and capable perspective, brown (Capricorn rising).

Nicholas II Russian Czar

The substance and authority of Russian rule and acquisition are represented by brown (Capricorn rising). Materialism, sensual pleasure and decadence came to a 
dramatic and violent close. Green (Taurus Sun) and Red (Aries Moon).

Marvin Gaye and Akira Kurosawa

An Aires sun (red) coveys raw talent, big creative energy and passion. Cancer rising (silver) indicates a very sensitive view of one’s environment and an emotional response. A Virgo moon (dark green) is aligned to hard work, diligence and honing talent into solid form.

Kurt Cobain

Escapism and addiction are the negative sides of Lavender (Pisces). Dark green surrounding lavender and silver suggests giving form to deep emotions and the engagement of repetitive activity. (Virgo rising, Pisces sun and Cancer moon).

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Charles Dickens

Aquarian Sun (dark blue) Mozart was an eccentric genius. Dickens had a knack for unique personality and concern for social reform. Sagittarius Moon (orange) conveys creative exaggeration, popularity and free spiritedness. Virgo rising (dark green) has a knack for detail and giving ideas tangible form.


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