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Amy Winehouse and Patsy Cline

A bright blue rim of color indicates the ability to communicate with the world. (Gemini ascending) Dark green conveys discrimination, a gift for detail and a desire for perfection. (Virgo sun) Brown in the center conveys authority, ambition and accomplishment. (Capricorn moon) The sun and moon in earth signs emphasize physical presence and sensuality.

Bill Clinton + Monica Lewinsky

Leo (yellow) is brazen, confident, in the spot light and desires recognition. Libra rising (light blue) is aligned to diplomacy, sophisticated social skills, extreme justification. Taurus moon (green) reveals a very sensual, stubborn nature often with the determination to get one’s own way.

Robin Williams and Helen Keller

Stream of consciousness is conveyed through the triple water combination. The power of emotional connection and expression, great intuition and heightened sensitivity are represented by the combination of (Scorpio ascending: black) (Cancer sun: silver) (Pisces moon: lavender).

Rachel Carson

Bright blue (Gemini) indicates communication skills, versatility and a love of learning. There is a tendency towards being busy, quickness and a lot of activity. Surrounding lavender (Pisces ascending) conveys heightened sensitivity to one’s environment. Orange at the center (Sagittarius moon) indicates a visionary, adventurous and expansive nature. The quest for truth and defending one’s beliefs are strong.

Audrey Hepburn

Green (Taurus sun) often conveys beauty with Venus as its planetary ruler. The Dark Blue rim (Aquarius ascending) indicates intelligence, originality and humanitarian interests. Lavender (Pisces moon) reveals emotional sensitivity and a compassionate, receptive nature.


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