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Thoughtful leadership, diplomacy, the desire for balance, nonviolence, the understanding of sophisticated systems and a gentle demeanor are all qualities conveyed through Libra (light blue).

Having the confidence of a champion and a large, courageous heart are characteristics of a Leo moon (yellow).

Stephen King and Mary Shelley

Mythic story and adventure lie at the center of detailed, disciplined work. Sagittarius moon (orange) and Virgo sun (dark green). A Cancer ascendant (Surrounding silver) conveys an imaginative view that receives an emotional

Meryl Streep and Frida Kahlo

A yellow rim (Leo rising) indicates great creative spirit, courage and recognition, ~a certain ease and comfort in the limelight.

Silver (Cancer) conveys feminine essence and an intuitive, sensitive nature.

Bright green (Taurus moon) indicates duration, perseverance. Often there is an alignment to beauty.

Bob Dylan and Joe Namath

Bob Dylan

One of the great lyricist of the 20th century, he changed a generation. Gemini (bright blue) above all denotes communication. This ability is enhanced with the visionary property of Sagittarius (orange). The qualities of consistency, duration and prolific work belong to the solid foundation of Taurus (bright green).

Joe Namath

Superior athletic ability, Taurus (green), is combined with quickness and an expressive personality, Gemini (bright blue). Brashly optimistic, “Broadway Joe” guaranteed victory and delivered. That element of good luck and optimism belong to Sagittarius (orange).


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