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3 Sagittarian Storytellers

Stephen Spielberg

Woody Allen

Mark Twain

Humor, exaggeration, adventure and being lucky are key characteristics of Sagittarius (orange). Black indicates power and strong intuition.

Silver conveys sensitivity and intuitive gifts. Dark green is aligned to working detail and repetition. Dark Blue conveys quirky individualism, originality and group leadership. Red conveys ambition, courage, raw energy and competitive drive.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Exploring the darker deeper aspects of the human experience is conveyed by Scorpio (black). Processing feelings through busy thinking is a characteristic of a Gemini moon (bright blue); words lie at the center of things. Sagittarius ascending (orange) indicates an expansive, philosophical view.

Steve Jobs

An Aquarius ascendant (dark blue) sees the world differently. There’s a sense of universal truth, rebellion, humanitarian interests, visionary gifts, originality and brilliance. This is how he met the world. It’s no surprise that Aquarius rules computer technology and electrical fields. The sun and moon in Pisces (lavender) convey a deepening of intuition and following instinct. When the sun and moon are together at birth it indicates that the wants of the personality are one and the same with the desires of the heart.

John Coltrane

The spiritual surrounds great musical talent. Pisces ascending (lavender) a Libra sun (light blue). Libra also conveys cultural sophistication, the desire for balance and a gift for interaction. From the heart is expansive spirit, courage, spontaneity and driving passion, Aries moon (red). There’s also an element of risk and danger. Unfortunately drug addiction sent him to an early grave. The desire for the God experience and a heightened spiritual alignment sometimes accompany distortion and addictive tendencies, Pisces.

Amy Winehouse and Patsy Cline

A bright blue rim of color indicates the ability to communicate with the world. (Gemini ascending) Dark green conveys discrimination, a gift for detail and a desire for perfection. (Virgo sun) Brown in the center conveys authority, ambition and accomplishment. (Capricorn moon) The sun and moon in earth signs emphasize physical presence and sensuality.


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