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Charles Manson

Let’s look at a Bad guy where the worst characteristics of each sign are revealed.

Scorpio Sun (black) conveys a preoccupation with power and manipulation. Greed, stubbornness and hedonism are aligned to Taurus (bright green).

A dark blue center (Aquarius Moon) indicates intelligence, rebellion, group organization and cool emotional detachment.

Deejay Mirandom

Deejay Mirandom

Gemini ascending (bright blue) conveys communication, versatility, popularity and quickness.

Libra sun (light blue) indicates an alignment to art, music beauty and harmony. There’s cultural sensitivity and a natural bend toward others.

Sagittarius moon (orange) reveals an adventurous, fun loving, bold and spontaneous quality. There’s an innate relationship to the iconic or mythic persona.

Cooperation and gentleness are in contrast to freedom loving, impulsive tendencies. The ability to juggle many things and explore a wide range of talents are expressed through this combination.

Alan Dershowitz

American defense lawyer

The desire to be helpful and a gift for detail are characteristics of
Virgo (dark green). At the center of working the detailed precision
of the legal system lies an expansive attitude and exuberance,
Sagittarius (orange). The surrounding bright blue (Gemini) indicates
a gift for speech and defending free speech.

3 Double Leos

Andy Warhol

Garrison Keillor

Alfred Hitchcock

Leo (Yellow) signifies confidence, creativity, recognition and the ability to promote oneself.

The double quality indicates that the personality is one and the same with what one presents to the world. It also strengthens the desire for recognition.>

Warhol’s Aries moon (Red) conveys drive and ambition.
Keillor’s Gemini moon (Bright Blue) conveys communication.
Hitchcock’s Scorpio moon (Black) conveys mystery.

Dalai Lama

Empathy and compassion are given form. ~Dark Green (Virgo) at the center of Double Silver (Cancer). His compassionate view is one and the same with his personality. Putting compassion to work through the every day task of trying to improve the world is indicated by the practical earth element (Virgo) at the center of intuitive awareness (Cancer).


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