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Ralph Waldo Emerson

This great orator and essayist applied the idea of a spiritual state as essence. Bright blue (Gemini) conveys communication, quickness and the desire for experience. Light blue (Libra) reiterates the realm of ideas, enhances the gift of speech and conveys the desire for balance and harmony. Yellow (Leo) in the center conveys a generous and expansive spirit.

Willie Mays

In honor of Willie Mays birthday, baseball season in the glorious month of May and the earth sign Taurus, here is Willie’s Colorscope.

Often triple earth will convey great physical coordination. The repeat of interior and exterior color (moon on the ascendant) indicates that he wore his heart on his sleeve. Notice how Willie’s Colorscope looks like a baseball field rounded out!


Usually Green (Taurus) is thought of as conveying earthbound athleticism or material success or a strong alignment to beauty. Green (Taurus) also concerns itself with Value Systems. What do we value? What do we make manifest? Krishnamurti’s philosophy and belief system –Orange (Sagittarius) -held that the individual’s own alignment to God surpasses tradition and dogma. Dark Blue (Aquarius). His view of universal truth was reinforced by a center of philosophic seeker and enthusiastic spirit. Superior intelligence and vision make a tangible impact. -Dark Blue, Orange and Green.

Marlon Brando

With Sun conjunct Moon (double red) the personality is extremely directed. Red conveys raw talent, natural ability, spontaneity, real sex appeal, drive, passion, courage, leadership, initiation, self expression, and a sense of urgency. There is also selfishness, self destructive tendencies and an insatiable appetite. Surrounding orange conveys optimism, a seeker, philosopher and the ability to see the world and one’s place in it as larger than life. There is also restlessness, tactlessness and an expansive, excessive nature. Triple fire reveals great creative Spirit.

Albert Einstein

Drawing from the highest source, lavender~Pisces, information came through a creative, spiritual source rather than pure analytical
reasoning or thought. Orange~Sagittarius at the center conveys optimism, expansion and visionary properties. Surrounding silver~Cancer
suggests the desire for a unified field, ~unifying one’s environment.


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