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Vincent Van Gogh & Ram Dass

Vincent Van Gogh

Huge creative spirit meets a pronounced sensitivity to environment.

red (Aries sun) orange (Sagittarius moon) meet silver (Cancer rising).

Expansion, exaggeration, visionary gifts are aligned to orange. Taking action, creative originality, passion and boldness are expressed through red. These fiery qualities are enhanced through the feminine, intuitive, emotional sphere of silver.

Van Gogh painted as if he recognized the vibrancy of all things.

Ram Dass

Forsaking Harvard academia for the spiritual realm, an action oriented personality (red) is enhanced through a visionary heart (orange) and nurtured inside the feminine, receptive elements of devotion. (Silver)

Julius Erving Dr. J

Lavender (Pisces Sun) indicates an intuitive, instinctual nature.

Often one is on a higher plane. (pun intended) Balance, finesse and athleticism are revealed through the combination of light blue (Libra) and green (Taurus).

Abraham Lincoln

A double Aquarian (dark blue Sun and Ascendant) indicates Brilliance, individuality, and humanitarian interests. There’s often a quirky nature, an odd appearance and a lofty perspective.

Dignified authority and an ingrained sense of responsibility lie at the center. (brown Capricorn Moon)

Denzel Washington

Individuality and intelligence are at the center of dignified authority. Aquarian moon (dark blue) inside Capricorn sun (brown). Libra rising (light blue) conveys refinement, charm, popularity; an attractive appearance.

The poet, Carl Sandburg, shares the same Colorscope

Winston Churchill

Courage and confidence lie inside a mythic, larger than life persona. (Leo moon, Sagittarius sun). This combination also favors great popularity.

Seeing the big picture and expansiveness nicely meet an attention to detail and resourcefulness. (Sagittarius sun, Virgo rising).


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