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Peter Paul Rubens

Leo rising indicates being seen or gaining recognition

Cancer Sun is aligned to a sensitivity to the feminine

Capricorn moon indicates the molding of form

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The broad range and versatility between mystery writing, medicine, parapsychology, sports and adventure are indicative of a double Gemini.

Inhaling information, quickness, great mental activity, general busyness fall under this domain.

The deeper quest, a touch of genius and quirky individuality are elements of an Aquarian moon.

Joe Cocker

Audacious, passionate and spontaneous behavior belong to Aries Rising.

Sensuality, ambition, persistence or duration and a strong physical nature are traits of Taurus.

The double nature of the Sun and Moon in Taurus magnify those characteristics.

Francis Ford Coppola

Innovative leadership, creativity and impulsiveness relate to Aries.

Meeting the world with a methodical, ambitious and hard working nature are components of Capricorn rising.

A Scorpio moon indicates intensity and a feel for the passionate dark side of human nature.


The Sun and Moon in Pisces intensify a sensitive nature and higher calling.

The expression of beauty relies heavily on intuitive gift and divine guidance.

Sagittarius rising indicates an expansive view, and the fluctuation from euphoria to despair.


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