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Donald Trump

Gemini sun (bright blue) indicates a skid on the surface. Having one's hand in a lot of things on a superficial level. Changeable, unpredictable, volatile. The gift of gab.

Leo rising (yellow) indicates a love of being under the spotlight.

Sagittarius moon (orange) conveys a tendency to exaggerate and the attachment to a larger than life, mythic persona.

Al Pacino

Being right at home under the limelight is indicated by Leo ascending. Presenting great spirit is another trait.

Taurus sun conveys perseverance, durability and the concrete nature of work.

A Sagittarius moon is aligned to restlessness, adventure and an attachment to infinite potential.

Mies Van der Rohe

Pioneer of modern architecture. He is know for his philosophy, "Less is more" and "God is in the details"

The combination of sun in Aries, moon in Capricorn indicates someone confidently molding form. Aggressive pioneer, creative driving force, innovator are attributes of Aries. Capricorn takes it's time building systems and making things concrete. Cancer rising maintains a sensitive view of one's surroundings and intuitive ability.

Kate Hudson shares the same Colorscope

Edna St Vincent Millay

A Pisces sun conveys sensitivity, higher ground and imagination.

Aquarian rising indicates an original and intelligent view of the world.

A Sagittarius moon conveys an adventurous, generous and philosophical makeup.

Chris Rock

Quirky originality and deep intelligence, an Aquarius Sun is surrounded by the immediacy, drive and creative fire of Aires Rising. Bringing these ideas and cleverness into solid form is conveyed by a Virgo Moon. An attention to detail is applied to a broader, bigger, shared vision.


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