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One Interpretation

Harry Houdini
Escape artist

Mystery lies at the center of a very ambitious personality. The desire for recognition is strong. –red surrounded by dark blue. Viewing the world in an original, intelligent way is seen through dark blue. Taking action on that vision is conveyed through red.

Christine Jorgensen
American transsexual

The ability to be both things at once, -bright blue’s extreme versatility- is most prevalent here. Viewing the world through feminine eyes along side an ultra feminine appearance is in direct opposition to a birth given masculine form. -silver opposing brown. (yet both colors are feminine)

Hans Christian Anderson
Danish fairy tale writer

Great creative imagination is given form. –green at the center of red and orange. Seeing the world as a mythic story meets spirit and creative drive –orange surrounding red. Green indicates duration.

Chris Rock
American comedian

Originality and intelligence are surrounded by drive, ambition and a good deal of creative fire. –red surrounding dark blue. Dark green at the center conveys bringing these ideas and cleverness to solid form.

Mario Pettrini

The sexual reproduction system is at the center of clinical examination. –black surrounded by blue. Red indicates ability and activity.

Lord McGowan
Scottish entrepreneur

The chairman of Imperial Chemical Corporation made a fortune through the ability to structure systems with authority. -brown. The ability to read ones environment clearly met a busy and versatile personality. -silver surrounding bright blue.

Elton John
British rock and roll star

Great creative ability is centered in persistence and work. –green at the center of red + orange. The ability to tell a story -orange- meets an abundance of talent, spirit and creative drive. -red. Standing the test of time is seen through green.

A.S. Owsley
LSD chemist

The search for universal truth is seen through dark blue. Mind expansion is conveyed through the expansive and dangerous quality of red surrounding the working of thoughts and ideas. –dark blue. Bringing this to form is seen through a dark green center.