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One Interpretation

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
German writer

Organizing spiritually driven work into form. -lavender inside dark green. The power of his work is conveyed through the surrounding black. Sensitivity and intuition take solid form.

Serena Williams
Tennis champion

Physical ability, persistence and strength are conveyed by dark green. The backdrop of bright green strengthens this athleticism. Being set amidst light blue indicates innate balance and an intelligent approach.

Julius Erving Dr. J
Basketball star

Balance, finesse and great athletic ability are seen with the combination of light blue and green. Lavender indicates an intuitive instinctive personality. Someone on a higher plane.

Coretta Scott King
Civil rights widow and activist

Spiritual essence rests inside a very strong value system. –Lavender inside green. Surrounding light blue indicates the desire for a well balanced, harmonious world. The sensitivity to culture, refinement and gentleness are also apparent.

Raymond Isidore
Grave digger and artist

He spent 30 years decorating his home with pieces of broken glass and pottery he found in grave sites. The transformational quality of finding goodness inside the earth and from the dead to make a practical and beautiful structure is seen with this combination.

Gianetto Cimurri
Masseur of champion cyclists

Working the muscles of athletes is conveyed through the physical quality of the greens. Dark green is also connected to health and healing. Light blue conveys the desire for balance and harmony.

Andrew Young
Civil rights leader

This black congressman + ambassador to the UN had an early ministry. His spiritual nature cradled a very strong value system at its center. –green inside lavender. Surrounding light blue indicates the desire for a well balanced, harmonious world. Diplomatic skills also apply.

Ferruccio Lamborghini
Italian industrialist

The desire for beauty is conveyed through both green and light blue and are manifested through his beautiful car. An intuitive sensitivity is conveyed through lavender. Material success is aligned to green.