One Interpretation

Robert De Niro
Actor 1943

Expressive spirit is enhanced by great intuition. -yellow, silver and lavender. Yellow also conveys confidence, recognition and love of competition. Good timing and instinct are components of lavender in the center.

Frida Kahlo
Mexican artist 1907

Courage and creative spirit surround an intuitive nature. -yellow and silver. Green at the center conveys beauty, strength and determination.

Al Pacino
Actor 1940

Recognition and great spirit surround perseverance and work. -yellow and green. Orange at the center conveys restlessness, adventure and infinite potential.

Tom Hanks
Actor 1956

Hard work meets an intuitive, sensitive nature. -dark green surrounding silver. Yellow at the center conveys warmth, creativity and courage.

Luc Montagnier
French AIDS virologist 1932

Gaining recognition through competitive work is expressed through yellow. Nurture and instinct come though silver and lavender.

Meryl Streep
Actress 1949

Great creative spirit and recognition surround an intuitive, feminine essence. -yellow surrounding silver. Being under the spotlight meets sensitivity, duration and perseverance. -yellow, silver, green. Green within silver indicates beauty.

Honore Balzac
French writer 1799

Prolific work meets creative spirit. -green and yellow and orange. Again, the spotlight of fame surrounds a determined personality. Orange at the center conveys a mythic identity, being seen larger than life.

Antoine Saint-Exupery
French writer 1900

Intuition and imagination are brought to form with an attention to detail. Silver surrounded by dark green. Yellow at the center conveys childlike charm and creative spirit.