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One Interpretation

Emil Fischer
German chemist

The ability to decipher information –light blue- meets spirit and intuition –yellow + orange. He was known to be highly intuitive + in constant search of the truth –orange.

Lucky Luciano
American gangster

Bucking the system –dark blue- this expansive personality –orange- acquired his nickname by avoiding arrest and then he survived brutal attempts on his life. To be lucky is a key component of orange.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
American writer

Great orator and essayist –bright blue- he applied the idea of a spiritual state as essence. Expansive spirit –yellow- lies at the heart of ideas and culture –the blues. The desire for large experience is conveyed through bright blue.

Frank Sinatra
American crooner

Great musical ability –light blue- meets expressive spirit and a larger than life persona. –orange. Lavender at the center conveys feminine receptivity and a strong emotional current.

Jan de Bont
Dutch film director

His style of action packed Hollywood blockbusters convey the larger than life story which, against all odds, ends well. –orange. Against the backdrop of a lot of detail + interactions –light blue- a courageous heart never gives up –yellow.

Jacque Chirac
Prime Minister of France

Said to be “for the people” –dark blue- he experienced great popularity–orange- then fell out of favor over corruption charges. Likable, excitable and expressive -orange- he has been a giant figure in France. Excess is another component of orange.

Jacques Cousteau
French oceanographer

He pioneered ocean photography and film making, was a renowned explorer, ecologist, scientist and inventor. Being good at many things and being very busy is a quality of bright blue. At the center a driving creative spirit –yellow- enhances the momentum.

Bill Wilson
Founder of AA

Spiritual essence –lavender- is at the heart of his popular, optimistic philosophy. –orange. Bringing this to the culture + seeking balance is conveyed through the surrounding light blue. At the center of things, alcoholism is turned over to a higher power -lavender.