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One Interpretation

Baron Georges Cuvier
Founder of paleontology

A creative view and approach to history surround a precise and detailed methodology. Yellow surrounding dark green. Workings of the earth and the finding of fossils apply to the green combination.

Ulysses S. Grant
Civil war general and president

The taking over of territory and land strategy is conveyed through double green. Being on the fifty dollar bill neatly conveys the alignment to money. An intuitive feel for the enemy can be seen through silver.

Mohandas Gandhi
India’s civil rights champion

Thoughtful leadership, diplomacy and the desire for balance, rightness, nonviolence is conveyed through double light blue. Understanding and responding to sophisticated systems, he led with gentle confidence and the courageous heart of a champion –yellow at the center.

Alan Dershowitz
American defense lawyer

An expansive attitude + strong belief system –orange- lie at the center of working the detailed precision of the law –dark green. The surrounding bright blue indicates a gift for speech + loving the cases where he can defend free speech.

Mani Niall
L.A. dessert baker

Making food delicious and beautiful applies to the sensual quality of the greens. Surrounding yellow conveys a creative approach that achieves recognition.

Gabrielle Faure
French composer

The alignment to beauty is seen through green. His compositions are filled with reserve, elegance and sometimes a heartbreaking beauty. Silver conveys emotion, sensitivity and tenderness.

Sally Chisholm
Violin professor

The mastery of a musical instrument is seen through light blue. Yellow at the center is joyous and creative expression. Generosity of spirit is not uncommon.

Daryl Sittler
Canadian hockey player

Superior athletic ability and endurance are indicated by dark green. Orange conveys optimism and drive. Exceptional speed is seen through the surrounding bright blue.