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One Interpretation

Jimmy Dean Green
Gun runner

Danger and ability are seen with the combination of black and red. Taking immediate action and the pure masculine energy of red increases with the intuitive power and determination of black at it’s center. Surrounding lavender either strengthens the whole with psychic ability or adds distortion.

Charles Manson
American murderer

Pure greed and envy –green- surround the desire for power. -black. Inside this power is a very intelligent, persuasive voice which led a cult of followers brain-washed by his rational. –dark blue. Dark blue in the center also conveys emotional detachment.

Martha Stewart

Vision and confidence are nestled inside power. –orange and yellow inside black. Meeting the world with power. –surrounding black. This is a courageous combination with a good deal of natural ability and intuition.

Oprah Winfrey

Humanitarian interests are enhanced by a visionary nature. –dark blue surrounded by orange. Optimism, benevolence, an expansive view and a great deal of energy cradle an intelligence that concerns itself with truth, integrity and communication.

Ronald Lee Warmoth
Oil + mineral psychic

The intuitive gifts of black + lavender are brought to immediacy through red. This unusual occupation carries the contrast of being very bold, masculine, and action oriented with a softer, feminine intuitive quality.

Vivien Leigh
Scarlett O’Hara actress

Great outer beauty surrounds a talent for transformation. –green surrounding black. Embracing a new persona with determination is enhanced by intelligence. -dark blue at the center of black.

Wim Van Dam
Dutch astrologer

He has given much time to the exploration of the mysterious heavens intermingling with individual spirit –black surrounding yellow. His cheerful nature –yellow- is well married to an expansive, philosophical view. -orange

Lewis Carroll
British author of Alice in Wonderland

Story telling at it’s finest. -orange meets dark blue. Deeper truths are revealed through the adventure of imaginary characters. –dark blue cradling orange.