One Interpretation

Edmund Halley
British comet scientist 1656

He applied an intelligent, scientific approach to the mysterious workings of the universe. -dark blue surrounding black. Fame and recognition through the light of a soaring comet lie at the center. –yellow.

Dalai Llama
Tibetan spiritual leader 1935

Empathy and compassion are given discipline and form. -dark green at the center of silver. His compassionate view is one and the same with his personality. –double silver. Putting compassion to work through the everyday task of trying to improve the world -dark green inside silver.

Henri Cartier Bresson
French photographer 1908

This extraordinary artist was able to capture the world in a new way. His adventurous, spontaneous approach and vision were expressed through a creative, intuitive nature. –orange surrounding yellow + silver.

Mark Twain
American writer 1835

A great story teller. –orange surrounded by the forcefulness and power of black. The power of a story well told lasts forever. Red at the center conveys an indominable spirit, restlessness and the determination of pushing one’s way through any obstacle.

Anas triplets
Test tube triplets 1985

Technological advancement and scientific brilliance surround the workings of procreation. -dark blue surrounding black. Nestled inside the mysterious is the miracle of life, the force of creation.

Sir Andrew MacTaggart
Scottish civil engineer 1888

Responsible for advances in hydroelectric technology. Working a tangible system in the form of an advanced dam to maneuver water is a perfect manifestation of dark green inside double silver.

Anne Osmont
Clairvoyant 1872

Vision meets intuition. –orange surrounding yellow and silver. A sympathetic, intuitive, feminine nature –silver center- lies inside spirit. Creative intuition of double fire. -yellow inside orange.

Magician 1953

Magic, the trickery of slight of hand, surrounds a bold and creative nature. -black meets orange and red. The ability to create oneself in a larger than life way -orange- is fueled by the power and determination of red and black. Meeting the world with magic is seen through surrounding black.