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One Interpretation

Barack Obama
U S President

Intelligence, originality and a humanitarian view surround a warm, expansive personality. -dark blue surrounding yellow. The desire for truth and justice meet an optimistic nature. Bright blue indicates an innate gift for communication.

Bill Gates
Computer tycoon

Determination meets transformation and contains tremendous power. –red inside black- Inspiration meets determination. Surrounding silver suggests an imaginative, intuitive read on the world.

Renaissance artist

Heightened sensitivity –lavender- is applied to the creation of beauty. This ultra feminine component is given great energy and an expansive view. -surrounding orange.

Carl Jung
Founder of analytical psychology

An original view gains fame and recognition. Brilliance meets creativity. -dark blue surrounding yellow. Green conveys persistence, durability and staying on task.

Norris and Ross McWhirter
Creators of the Guiness Book of World Records

Twins mixed a sense of fun with dedication and intelligence. –yellow inside dark blue. Originality also applies. Bright blue conveys an ability to collect and communicate information.

Benvenuto Cellini
Italian goldsmith

Superior ability –red- is at the center of power and transformation. –black. He transformed gold into great works of art. He was also known for extreme violence and being very sexual.

Jayson Hudgins

Fondness for spirits is a strong element of lavender. Extroverted nature of orange would make for friendliness and popularity.

King George IV
King of England

Overindulgent sensualist. -green inside yellow. The childish, self centeredness of yellow is compounded by the detached self involvement of dark blue.