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One Interpretation

George Le Maitre
Big bang physicist

Priest and astrophysicist combined astronomy with bible creation to come up with his theory of an expanding universe. Mythic sense of the world surrounds sensitivity and superior ability to structure systems. -orange surrounding silver and brown.

Woody Allen
Film Director

Structuring a great story with humor -dark green surrounding orange. The dark blue center conveys brilliance and an eccentric, original nature. The ability to get along with a group also applies.

Aretha Franklin
Queen of soul

Her powerhouse of a voice is rooted in gospel. Passion originally expressed in the church extends to sexual longing and desire. –red and black. Silver at the center conveys feminine sensitivity and emotion.

Mohammad Ali
Heavyweight champion

Physical endurance and real ability are enhanced through a proud and confident nature. –brown inside yellow. Dark blue in the center conveys superior language skills and intelligence.

Charles Byrne
Boston policeman

An immediate response to difficulty is seen with brown inside silver. Physical and practical ability meets sensitivity and intuition. The surrounding orange suggests an heroic sensibility.

Rainer Maria Rilke
German poet

Lyric poet concerned with God, Death and the nature of Love. The bigger, mythic sense of things is structured with poetic brilliance. -Dark blue inside orange inside dark green. A superior ability with words is conveyed through the dark blue center.

Louis Leprince-Ringuet
Nuclear physicist

Known for his work on subatomic particles. Power of pure energy –red- is surrounded by a field of transformation –black. Silver is intuitive sensitivity at the center.

Nicholas Covino

Analytical thought lies at the center of a serious, capable personality and organizer of systems. -blue inside brown. Surrounding yellow suggests a creative outlook.