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One Interpretation

Franklin D. Roosevelt
American president

Remembered as a beloved humanitarian and reformer. Enhancing the intelligent, higher minded qualities of dark blue are the qualities of silver: nurture, care and sensitivity. Dark green is the persistent organizer of systems.

Willie Mays
Baseball star

Considered by many to be the greatest baseball player of all time. Here is where a triple earth configuration plays out through superior physical coordination. Notice how this scope looks like a baseball field rounded out.

Jonas Salk
American scientist

The transformative nature of black is seen here through the function of Salk’s polio vaccine. The nature of triple water contains the power of great instinct and heightened sensitivity. Unfolding a mystery with compassion at the core.

John Coltrane
Jazz saxophonist

The spiritual surrounds great musical talent. -lavender and light blue. From the heart is expansive spirit, spontaneity and driving passion. -red. Unfortunately drug addiction –lavender- sent him to an early grave.

Situ Rimpoche
Tibetan Buddhist

Leaving a background in agriculture –dark green, he devoted himself to teaching meta-physical systems -dark blue. Devotion and kindness are prevalent through the qualities of silver at the center.

Joao II King of Portugal
Great Portuguese ruler

Through acquisition overseas he secured Portuguese currency as the soundest in Europe. Known as a ruthless conqueror here is triple earth energy in multiple form: Money, Land, Acquisition, Authority.

Robert Mapplethorpe
American photographer

Well known for turning pornography into art, his work was very controversial. Here the rough sexual mode of black is transformed into beauty through the higher sensitivity of lavender.

Natacha Canoletti
Brazilian model

Beauty and refinement –light blue- are enhanced through feminine sensitivity –lavender. Confidence, vitality and ambition are apparent at the center –red.