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One Interpretation

Edward R. Murrow
Broadcast journalist

Truth, integrity and deep intelligence are given form through writing and speech -double dark blue meets green. Intelligent communication and humanitarian views have the ability to change the world.

Carlos Santana
Mexican musician

This very gifted and popular guitarist draws from a creative pulse and warm heart –yellow center. He expresses the beauty of the world –surrounding bright grenn- with emotion and sensitivity –silver.

Keith Richards
Rolling Stone guitarist

Repetitive task centers expansive creative energy -dark green inside orange. All of this is blackly wrapped inside the likable debauchery of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Bodo Zinser
Reincarnation therapist

Death and transformation are best expressed through the color black. Dark green at the center could be viewed as giving continual form to the ethereal. Surrounding yellow brings optimism and large spirit to life.

Laura Butts
New age advocate

An eccentric and intelligent nature –dark blue- needs to communicate ideas –dark blue. This air realm lends itself to channeling or bringing down to earth information and extended thought systems. She was apart of the Seth continuum.

Giacomo Balla
Italian artist

He adopted the futurism style and created a pictorial depiction of light, movement and speed. Creatively expressing what’s constantly changing and fluid –yellow inside silver- he put this vision into form –bright green.

Billy Strayhorn
Jazz composer

Incredibly gifted composer, pianist and arranger. His expansive, creative talent is rooted in hard work –dark green inside orange. Being gay in a very restrictive time could be viewed through the sexual component of black surrounding everything.

Michael Ventura
Anti therapy writer

Ingrained skepticism and practicality are at the center of mystery -dark green inside black. Humor and recognition –yellow- are conveyed the content and popularity of his books.