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One Interpretation

Hebert de Givenchy
Fashion designer

Refinement, sophisticated social skills and the desire for beauty lie at the center of an intuitive, sensitive nature. -light blue inside lavender. Being able to communicate to the world is seen through the surrounding bright blue.

Walt Whitman
American Poet

A passionate view is communicated to the world. -red surrounding bright blue. The yellow center is expansive and warm and heightens The passion of red. Expansive spirit desires full experience.

Adolf Hitler
German Dictator

The desire for control and acquisition -brown inside green- is enhanced by oratory skill and extreme justification –surrounding light blue. Here brown in the center of green conveys a very serious sense of purpose driving the rage of envy.

Bill Clinton
American president

Durability centers fame and recognition. -green inside yellow. A proud and confident nature –yellow- is made popular by the sensual quality of green and the likable quality of Light blue which conveys diplomacy, intelligence and sophisticated social skills.

Mira Richard
French Indian Devotee

The spiritual, devotional element of lavender is complimented by thoughtfulness and a quick mind. -the blues.

Jean Robic
French champion cyclist

Quickness and agility are surrounded by a risk taking nature. -bright blue surrounded by red. Yellow suggests the heart of a champion.

Jacob Levy Moreno
Creator of psychodrama

Substance, authority and a grounded nature –brown inside green- are enhanced by communication skills and the desire for balance and harmony -light blue. Social ability is also apparent.

Monica Lewinsky
Whitehouse intern

An earthy, sensual nature is surrounded by fame, recognition and confidence. –green inside yellow. Light blue conveys the desire for harmony and relationship.