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The Beatles





What’s immediately clear is that Paul is the front man.

He boldly stands out from the rest. The combination of yellow inside bright blue makes for real popularity. He is the confident, creative communicator. Paul also has the only earth color between the group which indicates that he was the most responsible for bringing everything to form, -surrounding dark green. What’s also apparent is the mental activity between Paul and John, -all the blues. Light blue, the strongest alignment to music and social refinement, belongs to John and is encouraged or echoed through George. Universal intelligence being in John’s center speaks of his superior mind and search for truth. The dangerous quality of red surrounding John is unmistakable. George has the deepest spiritual combination with black in the center of lavender. “My sweet Lord I really want to see you, I really want to be with you” is his song. Ringo is almost invisible he’s so light and easy. His intuitive and sensitive nature quietly strengthens the whole by going with the flow and echos George's sensitivity –lavender. His cheerful yellow center indicates ease, popularity and links him to Paul. On first glance it doesn’t appear that these individuals have much in common but a closer look reveals the very intricate ways they worked together as perhaps the most successful group in rock n roll history.