Deejay Mirandom

Deejay Mirandom

Gemini ascending (bright blue) conveys communication, versatility, popularity and quickness.

Libra sun (light blue) indicates an alignment to art, music beauty and harmony. There’s cultural sensitivity and a natural bend toward others.

Sagittarius moon (orange) reveals an adventurous, fun loving, bold and spontaneous quality. There’s an innate relationship to the iconic or mythic persona.

Cooperation and gentleness are in contrast to freedom loving, impulsive tendencies. The ability to juggle many things and explore a wide range of talents are expressed through this combination.


Deejay Mirandom’s colorscope

Deejay Mirandom’s colorscope looks a lot like Ralph Waldo Emerson’s. (See previous Emerson post)

I love their combination of air and fire. It makes me think that Mirandom and Emerson are big thinkers filled with passion. I think it’s very powerful and perhaps a little dangerous if a gust of wind blows in and spreads the heat.

This is Good

Sounds like me! and the colors blue and orange always continue to show up in my life.