Marlon Brando

With Sun conjunct Moon (double red) the personality is extremely directed. Red conveys raw talent, natural ability, spontaneity, real sex appeal, drive, passion, courage, leadership, initiation, self expression, and a sense of urgency. There is also selfishness, self destructive tendencies and an insatiable appetite. Surrounding orange conveys optimism, a seeker, philosopher and the ability to see the world and one’s place in it as larger than life. There is also restlessness, tactlessness and an expansive, excessive nature. Triple fire reveals great creative Spirit.



What firey colors Marlon Brando has. Really makes sense!

big and bold

yeah. this colorscope is intense. it must be hard to be someone who stands out so much. i bet marlon brando liked the attention most of the time.. but what happens when you don’t want to be in the spotlight? it is impossible to ignore that double red and orange. a blessing and a curse, i would think.