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George Gershwin

Libra Sun is aligned to art, music, culture and having a cooperative nature.

Aquarian Moon represents intelligence, ideas and communication.

Sagittarius Rising contains an expansive, optimistic view. Often there is exuberance and enthusiasm.

Warren Buffett

Virgo Sun indicates integrity, the desire to be helpful, a critical, exacting nature, an eye for detail.

By contrast Sagittarius is aligned to a broad, expansive view, an optimistic nature, playfulness.

Sagittarius ascending sees the world in its best light. A Sagittarius moon loves truth seeking and adventure. The moon conjunct the ascendant in this sign contributes to a visionary personality.

Julia Child

Leo sun indicates a confident, creative and warm personality, completely at home in the spotlight.

Gemini rising corresponds to the gift of gab, quickness and versatility; a people pleaser.

Libra moon is refined, aligned to culture, a sophisticated style and a thoughtful, tentative nature.

Peter Paul Rubens

Leo rising indicates being seen or gaining recognition

Cancer Sun is aligned to a sensitivity to the feminine

Capricorn moon indicates the molding of form

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The broad range and versatility between mystery writing, medicine, parapsychology, sports and adventure are indicative of a double Gemini.

Inhaling information, quickness, great mental activity, general busyness fall under this domain.

The deeper quest, a touch of genius and quirky individuality are elements of an Aquarian moon.