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Mick Jagger

Gemini Ascendent indicates quickness and communication skills. Leo Sun conveys confidence, creativity and showmanship; an authoritative nature. Taurus Moon indicates staying power, physical ability and stubbornness.

George Bernard Shaw shares the same Colorscope.

Georgio Armani

The golden spotlight of fame and confidence illuminates intuitive feminine expression. (Leo rising surrounding Cancer sun, Cancer moon). When the Sun and the Moon are in the same sphere the wants of the personality are one and the same with the needs of the heart. In Cancer, the qualities of emotion, intuition, sensitivity, moodiness and nurture are intensified.

Angelina Jolie & John Nash

Angelina Jolie

Ambition and assertion lie at the center of a talented, busy, versatile personality. An Aries moon with a Gemini sun. Here Cancer rising indicates maternal sensitivity, the need to mother the world.

John Nash

Schizophrenic math genius. Ambition and strong mental activity are qualities of an Aries moon and Gemini sun. Driven intelligence (obsession) is surrounded by volatility. Here oversensitivity to ones environment is a characteristic of Cancer rising.

Stevie Wonder

Great creative spirit lies inside a love of beauty. (Aries moon, Taurus sun and Libra rising)

This spirit will push its way through any obstacle. Taurus is engaged in the realm of earthly delights. Libra is aligned to the culture, communication and musical sensitivity.

Vincent Van Gogh & Ram Dass

Vincent Van Gogh

Huge creative spirit meets a pronounced sensitivity to environment.

red (Aries sun) orange (Sagittarius moon) meet silver (Cancer rising).

Expansion, exaggeration, visionary gifts are aligned to orange. Taking action, creative originality, passion and boldness are expressed through red. These fiery qualities are enhanced through the feminine, intuitive, emotional sphere of silver.

Van Gogh painted as if he recognized the vibrancy of all things.

Ram Dass

Forsaking Harvard academia for the spiritual realm, an action oriented personality (red) is enhanced through a visionary heart (orange) and nurtured inside the feminine, receptive elements of devotion. (Silver)


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